Lounge music in a class of its own! The Velvet Pearls create a unique atmosphere with modern, instrumental live music dressed up in a jazz-pop beat. Hits by Sade, Lenny Kravitz, Amy Winehouse and many others are given a new and classy spin, producing an unforgettable performance at your event.

Their many performances have allowed the Velvet Pearls to develop a very fine sense of the moment, so they can respond flexibly and individually to your event and conduct the evening professionally.

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„Velvet Pearls“ – press photo 1 | Download high resolution press photo

„Velvet Pearls“ – press photo 2 | Download high resolution press photo

„Velvet Pearls“ – Pressefoto 1 | HighRes-Version runterladen

„Velvet Pearls“ – Pressefoto 2 | HighRes-Version runterladen